Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Outfit #5

I was out having some lunch with my mom today and as I looked out the window I saw a lady wearing a salmon colored dress that flattered her body very well.

She was about middle aged and was wearing a dress that stopped about mid-thigh and had sleeves that came down to her elbows and had buttons that came down to the waist, and a collar.

She paired this dress with a cute pair of dark brown flip-flops.

I found these clothing pieces at Macy's and Old Navy.


This is not the exact dress, but it is pretty similar. I found this one at Macy's.  This dress looks well for ladies with an apple shaped body. Unless you pair this dress with a waist belt, it does not hug too tightly against the body,     and the collar and half sleeves create for a cute but not too revealing of a look. It's classy.


I found these flip-flops at Old Navy that would pair very well with this dress. Dark brown goes especially well with the color salmon. I own a pair of these shoes and they are very comfortable, and stylish. They go with just about anything.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Every Day Look (Make-up)

Every morning I have routine... shower, dress, make-up, but when exactly did make-up get put into the daily morning routine of women...?

My exact thought as I was putting on my make-up this morning.

After I finished getting beautified for the day I looked up the history of make-up and found some pretty interesting facts that I did not know!

1) The idea of make-up started about twelve thousand years ago by the Egyptians as a way to connect with the Gods, and the healing ability of certain oils.

2) Almost every type of make-up that us women use today was used by the Ancient Egyptians.

3) Although make-up was used for beauty it also had a few more alternative uses, such as:
*Connecting with the Gods
*Eye make-up: Keeping the bugs out of eyes
*To heal certain infections, sicknesses, etc.

4) Not only was the make-up used by women, but yes, men wore it as well. (Haha imagine men with long an lovely eyelashes now a days)

5) Copper. Ore, Kohl, and Mesdemet were used in the eye make-up and Malachite was used in the blush, as well as berries in China.

6) The Romans also used what we would call a home remedy of butter and barley powder as an acne treatment.

Well, enough with the history lesson... ;)

I am a big fan of the "Natural" beauty look, which is why although I do wear make-up, I don't cake on three layers of it either.

Natural beauty is one of the most gorgeous way to look beautiful, and it is something we ALL have :)

This is my "Every Day Look"

I use certain brands of make-up and facial cleansing products.

I use NO7 Cleansing foam. I went through a ton of facial washes before I found this one. It keeps my face clear from acne and it is oil free which means it does not add any extra oil to my face.

I use Yes to moisturizer. I use the grapefruit type which helps with dark spots on the skin. They have a few different fruits/vegetables that treat different types of acne issues. 

These two types of concealers are wonderful for under the eyes. I use the one on the left which is the crayon with L'Oreal. I use medium color and I put in on the dark spots under my eyes. I am often sleep deprived, it comes with the territory of being a college student I suppose :p 

The one on the left is also L'Oreal and I use C 123. I use this to brighten up under my eyes. when doing so you want a color that's about one shade lighter than your regular skin color. I put this on the inside corners of my eyes and blend in. 

I also use a L'Oreal powder foundation, W5. I love the powder because it does not make my skin look oily and greasy when I'm out on a hot day. It blends in with my skin tone and is light. 

I use Neutrogena eye liner. This liner comes in a few different colors. I use cosmic black. I love this liner becuase it does not smudge and it doesn't run down the bottom of my eyes. This eye liner is also easy to apply. It goes on extremely smooth, creating for a much sharper line under the eye.

I use L'Oreal mascara. This is one of the only mascaras I have found that makes my lashes look extremely long.

I use Cover Girl blush. I use Rose Blush. This color is just enough "pop" of color but it is settle enough so it doesn't make me look like a clown. 

I use Almay make-up removing sheets for when I go to bed and wash my face.  I use these to ensure that I get most of the make-up off my face before going to bed. If you go to sleep with make-up on then you are more likely to get acne. This is becuase when you sleep you sweat and when you sweat your pores open up allowing for all the dirt and make-up to get in them, creating acne. (this is also true for when working out as well)

Clean and Clear oil sheets work wonders. I keep these in my purse for when I have been out all day and I feel oily. I just pull one of these sheets out wipe it on my face and it takes off all the excess oil without removing my make-up leaving me feeling fresh for the rest of my day. 
I purchase all of my health and beauty products from TargetI found all of these  pictures from 
~~My skin tone is beige. Beige is what all of the tones of make-up I have mentioned on her will go with.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Outfit #4

Hey Ladies! Sorry I missed last week. I have been so caught up everything going on in my life at the moment, but I'm back :)

I was at Target today doing some shopping for my new apartment, (which I am ecstatic about!) and I saw a woman of about mid 30s wearing an adorable dress.

It looked a little like one of those sailor styles, but the style is called a tea dress.
Her dress was of about mid-thigh length and cinched in a little at the waist. It flowed down at the bottom, and was sleeves, had a collar, and buttoned down from the collar to the waist. The pattern on the dress were thick black stripes and thin white strips. (The stripes were vertical, making you look slimmer).

She also paired her outfit with a cute little pair of flip-flops.

I couldn't find the exact design/pattern of the dress, but I did find a similar style at an online store by the name of Asos.  

I found similar pieces of clothing at Asos and Macy's

This dress from Asos is very similar to the one I saw this lady wearing in Target. This particular style would look good on a Lean Column or a Neat Hourglass body shape. The woman wearing it today had a Lean Column body shape.

The picture on the left is showing the back side of the dress and the picture on the right is showing the front side of the dress.

This dress adds length to you petite ladies because of how it flows out at the bottom.

~~(look at the Weekly Fashion Tip tab for more tips on how to add some height)

The collar also adds for a very sophisticated look. This dress can be dressed down or dressed up depending on the occasion.


I found these cute Flip-Flops at Macy's.

These particular sandals would go well with this style dress. They make a more casual look, but still keep the sophisticated look as well because of the glossy straps and the round jewel for design.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DIY Shorts

A group of my friends and I are going to a Kesha concert next month and so I decided to save some money and take an old pair of my jean shorts and turn them into cute Kesha shorts for the concert

These are what the shorts looked like before. Just a simple pair of jean shorts. What I did was just measured up the shorts diagonally about 4" and cut the triangles out on each side.

The next step is that I measured about four holes an inch apart and marked them with a little dot (shown in the picture on the left). Then I took a sharp object (I used scissors and some kitchen items haha) but you can choose whatever works best for you, and poked into each hole (shown in the picture on the right).

The third step is to measure out equal sizes of lace and lace them into each side of your shorts into the holes just like you would with shoe laces.

Next, I cut out a piece of gold fabric to the same size as my back pocket and hot glue gunned it onto the outside of my back pocket (shown in the picture on the left). Then I did the same with a sheet of lace fabric and hot glue gunned it on top of the gold fabric (shown in the picture on the right).

~~In order to make gluing easier and less sticky, I only put glue on the edges of the gold fabric and then put the lace fabric on top.

I then sewed a blue flowery button with some thread (it can be any color) onto my right back pocket (shown in the picture on the left). The picture on the right shows what the complete back side of the shorts look like with the back pocket and the button sewn on.

I then sewed these two silver buttons onto the right front pocket of my jean shorts with some thread to ass a little "bling."

After I had done all my measuring, cutting, decorating, and sewing I went outside and spray painted part of the front and part of the back of my shorts with silver spray paint. I spray painted all of the metal parts on my pants so they look shiny and brand new. I then sprinkled some gold and silver glitter onto the front and back as well.

~~I used some glue but if you don't want to do that you can sparkle the glitter onto your shorts while the spray paint is still wet.

These are pictures of the completed shorts. The front is on the left and the back is on the right.

In these pictures I am wearing the shorts. I have the front side view on the left and the back side view on the right.

Well I hope everyone likes these shorts and has fun making them!
I will post pictures of my outfit on here after my concert next month.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Outfit #3

I have a lot of friends that love to dress vintage/hippie-ish and I think it's such a cute look!

So when I saw this lady while I was having a girls night out earlier in the week I absolutely loved her outfit.

She was wearing this long brown maxi skirt that tapered out at the bottom and had lace around the bottom edges. She paired her outfit with a brown tank-top, and a brown vest that had some lace accenting the edges, and she was wearing a pair of brown flip-flops.

I found some pieces of clothing pretty similar to her type of look (the top is going to be a different style) but I hope you'll love this outfit just as much as I did!

I found these pieces of clothing at Urban Outfitters, Charlotte Russe, and an online store I've recently discovered named ModCloth ( 

This Particular shirt from Mod Cloth I thought was adorable. This isn't quite the exact shirt that I saw this one particular lady wearing but she was wearing just a simple tank-top if you'd like to wear that instead. However this top is flowy and has lace down the back of the shirt. You can tuck this shirt into the skirt to give it a more body-shaping look, or leave it hanging out if you don't want it to shape your body.

This is the skirt that I found from Urban Outfitters is very similar to the one I saw.
I love how this skirt flows down at the bottom and has a more of a hippie feel to it.
This looked well on her because of the fact it had a casual flowy look, and wasn't showing off too much.
(not everything has to hug your body skin tight ladies in order for you to look beautiful)


This vest that I found from Urban Outfitters is kind of like the one I saw.
This one in particular has a lot more lace, but wearing this with the maxi skirt will give this outfit a more feminine feel to it. This vest will also help to shape your torso a little by the way it's angled down at the bottom. It gives the look of an hour-glass feel.

These are the sandals that I found from Urban Outfitters.
These are an adorable pair to match up with this outfit, and they continue the vintage/hippie look throughout the outfit.

I was doing some online shopping and I cams across this necklace from Charlotte Russe that I thought would go perfectly with this outfit!

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